Knit Picks Options

Hi all
I received a set of the Knit Picks Options for Christmas, and I love them.
The only concern I have is that the cable becomes unattached from the point. It seems to unscrew itself while knitting.
Has anyone else experienced this, and what do you do about it?
Would appreciate any advice on this :slight_smile:

There should be a little metal bit that looks a bit like an un wound paper clip. Stick that into the small hole in the tip of the cable. Then hold onto it when screwing on the needle tip and give it a really good tightening. If it still comes undone, get a bit of that shelf stuff that prevents things from sliding around and use it to hold the needle while holding the cable with the paper clippy thing and give it an even tighter turn.

You’ll get it on so tight it won’t fall off!

Thank you, that shelf grip stuff helped :slight_smile:

I also get in the habit of checking the points every 5 or 6 rows, it takes time for the point to unscrew and you can often pick it up early. The little key helps alot too.,

I have the wooden Harmony set and they become loose every once in awhile so I just check them now and then. They are worth the “check”.:woot:

You can use a wide rubber band like the ones that hold broccoli bunches together for gripping too. I save mine because they’re great for sticky jar lids.

I didn’t start this post, but am having the exact same issue with my options. Thanks for all the tips. I have one of those rubber mats to use to open jars - maybe it’ll become a staple in my knitting bag! :slight_smile:

Using that little tightener makes all the difference. I put it in and use it as leverage. My needles are so tight sometimes they are hard to unscrew, but it’s better than having them unscrew in a project. :zombie:

AND, it’s still a HUGELY better connection than the Denise Interchangables which pop apart with no notice.

Odd. I have never had that happen with my Denise needles. The join is very strong, in my opinion.

Me too, my Denise’s have never done that. Thank goodness! LOL

I have to second (or third) that! My Denise’s have never come apart!