Knit Picks Options

Can anyone tell me if the Knit Picks Options needles will fit onto the old Boye Needlemaster cables? I called the company and they didn’t know. Also, are the cables stiff or soft?

yes they probably will. the cables are much more pliable than the boye needles.

if you buy a set though they come with a binder.

I was just really thinking about ordering some of their cables to use with my Boye needles, I really don’t need the whole set, but was wondering if their cables would screw onto my needles. I’m really wanting some cables that aren’t quite so stiff.

oooooooooh that changes the answer then. I am pretty sure someone tried to screw them into a Boye set and they didn’t fit.

I’ve tried this…the Boye needles screw part is just ever so slightly wider than the Options…barely fits and you have to keep screwing them back on during the project.

KnitPicks touts that the ‘threads’ on Options are longer than other interchangeables, therefore making a more secure ‘join’.

There’s a post on the knittyboard that I read a month or two ago about someone who got her boye tips rethreaded or something so they would fit on the options cables. Do a search over there…I’m pretty sure it was in the “really cool knitting tips” section