Knit Picks Options ?s

Okay. Thanks to my handy dandy tax refund, I’ve decided to take the plunge and order myself a set of nickel-plated Options. I know so many people here love them, and I get tired of trying to locate all my needles, so I’m just going to go ahead and order them.

I was just wondering if there’s anything I should order with them initially, extra cables, cable size tags, etc., or just stick with the plain old set and add to it later. I don’t want to go overboard buying stuff, but it seems like I should take advantage of the free shipping while I have it. :teehee:

Any advice is welcome. Thanks!:hug:

I don’t really have any advise on what extras you should get because I think that would really depend on what you use most. [I]I[/I] got an extra set of 24" cables and an extra set of size 7 tips, as that’s what I use most. I ended up ordering some longer cables as well for magic loop knitting.

I would advise you to check [B]everything[/B] as soon as you get it though. I didn’t do this at first and I should have. What happened to me was I went to knit with a 32" cable and the cable came loose from the join. I put it aside and was going to let that go until I went to knit with a size 6 tip only to find out that it would not connect to any of my cables(I guess it had no threads)! I called customer service and they very promptly sent me replacements. Fast forward a bit and come to find out that another cable was loose (actually it came apart) and I had no size 9 tip (they sent 2 sets of 10.5) so I called again and they replaced them.

This is in [B]no way[/B] to discourage you getting the options because I :heart: them! Just a warning to check it all at once so you can take care of any problems right away and not have to put a project on hold while you wait. Their CS is GREAT, and I had no problems getting replacements and once everything was right I love, love, love these needles.

When I orderedmy options I also ordered the the leather zipper case to with it. Granted I only just put my needles in it yesterday (Igot my options in Jan). i love my options…

I ordered the longer cables as well. And I bought the set of DPN’s at the same time [Christmas gift from the hubby].

I’ve had them just over 1 year now and I have to say I almost exclusively use my Options. I’d like the Harmonies or a second set of Options. But first I plan on buying some fixed needles in the smaller sizes.

At the time I couldn’t stand magic looping. Now I love it. That being said, I find that I really enjoy knitting the leg of my socks with the DPN’s. So I’ll ML the ribbing switch to DPNS, use them through the heel flap and then pick up the sts on the heel flap with the cable and go from there in ML.


I use my Options exclusively now and I found that I needed some extra things because I always have more than one thing on the needles. Here’s what I have ordered extra over time as I found I needed it:

Extra needle tips in most used sizes (4,5,6,7,8,9)
Extra 24" and 32" cables
16" classic Options for hats (6,7,8)
2 sets Classic Options in 24" size 0,1,2 for socks (I use two circs)
Extra pockets for it all.

IMO the most important thing is a few extra cables and possibly needle tips in your favorite size. If you make hats you may want the 16" size as an extra.

And yes, do check your needles and cables. It takes some time, but if you find something make note of it and keep checking. Then call KP and they will ship replacements promptly. They are good about that. I only had to replace one set of cables.

ETA: Mine came with the binder, but I have recently stopped using it. It’s too bulky to carry around and doesn’t fit in my knitting bag. I got some of those rings that have a hinge and put them on the zippy bags and it fits great in my knitting bag now. I can take a pic if someone needs to see it.

Jessica, if you want to start doing socks on ML, I’d get a couple of the fixed circs in sock sizes while you have the free shipping. If you like ML for other things, I’d also get a couple of the long cables.

I also recommend extra needles in the sizes you use most. I find that the more time I spend online at knitting sites the more projects I have OTN at a time. I do use my endcaps in order to free up my needles. I ordered 2 extra 24" and 2 40" cables. I wonder if the needle size tags would work to attach to UFO’s in case you steal the needles to work on something else.
I still don’t have all the needles I want, but have to add them a bit at a time.

Ditto what everyone else said on getting the extra cables and your favorite size tips. I also got the larger tips to add to my collection as well.

Jan, I would love to see a pic of what you did. I’m not getting a visual. I don’t like my binder either and would like a different way to keep everything organized.

I’m another one for extra cables and your most-used tips. I don’t have a full set yet (saving up), but I have a 6,7,8 tips and 32" and 24" cables, and I find myself (already) needing extras!

I too would like to see a photo of that, Jan.

Okay, here you go. I want to find some more of the rings, but it works for now. I used my labeler to mark needle and cable sizes.

Do they have the cable connectors in the US yet? I just got mine today and have already used it to try on and fit a top down cardi i’m making!

i believe the cable connectors are not available in the US yet… I’d love to get one though

I also got a couple of extra 24" cables and extra tips in the sizes I use most. I also got some of the 16" fixed circulars for hats. I love the binder and like how it zips closed, but I do like Jan in CA’s idea of just using the ring and the inserts. I also labeled the bags with needle sizes but just used file folder labels and wrote on them.
Which ever way you go, I think you’ll love your Options! I know I love mine!

Thanks so much for all the advice! :hug: I ordered them this morning, :woot: , and I went ahead and ordered a couple extra cables and the tags. I will gradually add more tips to the set, but I didn’t want to go overboard right now. :teehee: I already ordered 3 sets of the fixed circs in sock sizes a few weeks ago, and they’re anxiously awaiting my attention. I hope the Options come soon - I’m working on a baby blanket that could seriously benefit from the 40" cable.