Knit picks needles

What is your opinion of knit picks knitting needles? My son bought me a couple and I find the wire is too flexible for me. My son’s hat was too short so I frogged it and put it up on kp needles. The wooden needles are nice and colorful but the hat is getting stretched way out and it isn’t as nice to me as my Boyles needles with the stiffer wires. Am I doing something I shouldn’t be doing? I really don’t like them and thinking of sending them back. Help with suggestions. Thanks to all for your advice!!!:cheering::woohoo:

If you search the forum you will find numerous threads about KP needles, both the options and the Harmony. Most people have posted about how much they love them.
I just got my set of Harmony interchangeables and I love the soft cord. I was knitting a sweater with a stiffer cable and I fought it the whole way, when my Harmonys came I switched over and it was a dream. The knitting lay in my lap and there was no stress on my hands fighting the cable. The work slid smoothly across the needles and it seemed like I was able to speed up my knitting.
Everyone has a little different technique in knitting and I suppose that is why there are so many different needles out there. Harmonys suit me and I hope to buy more down the line.

Yep, I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong-you may just be really used to the stiffer cable on the Boyes. :shrug: and if you like them, enjoy! I loved the Boyes except for the stiff cable-it drove me crazy! I ended up giving them to my Mom who likes them just fine, she says.

Now I do love my Options and the Harmonies I just got-but that’s because I love the flexible cable (among other things!).

If you don’t like them, send them back! Get something else with the $$ (like yarn! :teehee: )

I’ve never heard of cables being TOO flexible. :noway:

If you’re stitches are too stretched out then you may be using too long a cable. Depending on the size of hat a 16 in cable is usually the best one. You can also do Magic Loop if you have a long cable or use two circs of the same size. Very small hats do require ML, 2 circs or DPNs.

And once you get near the top of the hat, past a few rows of decreases, you’ll have to change from even a short 16" cable to ML, two circs, or dpns.
I agree with Jan, you should check to see if the problem isn’t too flexible a cable, but too long a cable for your particular project.

I only use knit picks options in the nickel. I like the fact that I don’t have to fight with the cable and really like the flexiblility. Since Magic Loop is my pefered method for knitting in the round I find the 32" cables are great.

I like the flexibility of the cables. I don’t like having to fight with the cables just to knit something.

As others have said, if your work is being stretched it’s more likely due to a too long cable not a flexible one.

And if the cable’s too long, the flexibilty of the options makes it easy to pinch the cable a little and pull it through the stitches into a loop to shorten it up until your knitting gets longer.

Harmony’s all the way for me x