Knit Picks Needles

:shrug: I have some of the size 2 circ’s and I noticed that the silver is rubbing off in places? Anyone else have this happen? I wonder if its the acid in my skin :shrug: …Sissy

Is it actaully rubbing off? Or just becoming discolored?

Sorry, its getting discolored,not rubbing off,lol! :wall:

What’s worked well for me, (this was suggested in another thread here) was to buy a little thing of Brasso.
I bought mine at Albertson’s, but Walmart has it too (I’m sure any hardware type place would have it as it’s a metal polish).

Grab some of that and you’ll be good to go! :thumbsup:

Frisky Kitty,
:teehee: Its the acidity of my skin doing it…The needles are fine… :teehee:

Mine discolored when I used them shortly after putting lotion on. I think rebecca had a similiar experience.

I guess if it’s not affecting the slickness or speed of the needles (mine was, so I got the brasso to clean them), then I wouldn’t worry about it.

Or maybe get some thin latex gloves or something to wear while you knit. :shrug: