Knit Picks Interchangeable Set

Has anyone tried the new Knit Picks Interchangeable Set.

I want to buy another set of interchangeables, I already have the Boye (but they are in Nigeria - and I won’t be going back there until August :!!!: ) so DH said I could buy more needles :cheering: :happydance: since all of my needles are in Nigeria except for the few sets I brought with me for Christmas Holiday.

I’m not sure if I want the Denise or try the Knit Picks. I’ve read the thread on Interchangeables but no one mentions the Knit Picks.

Any advice.

Are you serious? :teehee: Just do a search (top of forum) for “Knitpick Options” and you’ll get a bunch of links. From what I can tell they are the most loved needles ever! I tried one set to see if I liked them and I did. :wink:

I just checked your blog, but it doesn’t say why you aren’t going back to Nigeria till August…

Hi Jan,

I know I haven’t updated it, I’ve been putting it off, it’s so depressing and to write about it makes even more real :verysad: …here goes…

The week after we left Nigeria for our Holiday a car bomb went off at the Shell Club right outside of our Resiential Area. Shell has evacuated all dependents and spouses and are only allowing the staff back. There is an election coming up in April and they are hoping by August everything will have settled down and we can all return for next school term.

DH is leaving next Friday to go back and me and the girls are staying here. Jade already started school here and I’m registering Lexi next week for pre-K (she’s been sick with a bad cold this week)

Oh dear…I’m sorry I brought it up. Didn’t mean to make you sad. :pout:

I have seen the news about what is going on and I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. I’m glad to know that you are here and safe. :hug: My thoughts are with your DH and all those still there.

Thanks Jan,

No one was hurt thank goodness, but it damaged 9 other cars, it was strange. While there I never felt nervous, scared or threatened. I think this was the first time Residential Areas were targeted (there was a car bomb at another Residential Area at the same exact time) so it was to scare the Expats. They are so stupid all this does is hurt their community because they won’t have jobs etc while all of us are gone. They hurt the “ones” they are doing this for. So stupid.

My father worked for Shell so I looked into this pretty heavily when I was younger. Bombing is never ever ever ever ever the answer. We knitters know that. We are a peaceful bunch. But I think that the imputus behind the bombing is because for so long the american oil companies have harmed more than helped the citizens of Nigeria. It is only recently that some reparations have been made, but certainly not enough. Chevron hired the Nigerian kill-n-go militia, a faction of the Nigerian gov’t although officially they have “no ties”, to murder Nigerians who demonstrated (peacefully) against US oil companies coming in and destroying whole towns for oil; polluting huge areas and leaving huge messes. I think thats part of the background, and the memories are still fresh for so many. Terrorism on anylevel breaks my heart and I am so glad that you and everyone are safe, although shaken to be sure.

Dina – I’m so sorry to hear of your situation, but very glad that your family wasn’t hurt during the bombing. It must be hard to let your hubby go back while you stay here. How long do you expect to be separated? Are the girls nervous about being in a new school? Do you have family in the area?

After reading about the bombing, it seems pretty trivial to bring up interchangeable needles, but here goes…! I have both the Denise set and just received the Knit Picks in Dec for my Bday. I :heart: both, but would probably choose KnitPicks over Denise IF the cable length wasn’t an issue in the project. The knitpicks is super light weight, pointy and slippery, and the cable join is smooth and the cable itself doesn’t stick to the yarn. My needles did unscrew a bit during my first project (I didn’t tighten very well), however, the screw is so long that my needle never got close to falling off before I noticed and fixed the problem. The down side is the cables are too long for something like a hat in the round, and you can’t use a connector to shorten or lengthen the cable mid project like you can with the Denises. I’ve used Denises for a couple of years exclusively, and really have only been unhappy with some yarns sticking to the cable (example: a wool sweater – I found myself constantly having to move the stitches along the cable. ) I haven’t used Boye, but my sis in law says the Knitpicks are lighter and pointier.

Hi Holly,

My hubby leaves next Friday to go back to Nigeria and he’ll be back for Easter. We normally would have two company paid trips home each year, but with us not being able to go back with him the company is giving the employees two extra trips home so it really won’t be so bad. He’ll come back for Easter then again in the summer and when it’s time for us to go back to Nigeria they will let him come back here and move us back, so all in all in won’t be that bad.

Jade, ,my oldest went back to her old class with all of her friends (she started school here in August and we left for Nigeria on October 3rd) so she had a chance to make friends in her class. When we arrived here in December I took her to visit her class and they all swarmed her when we got there and we so happy to see her so when she started this Wednesday they were so excited to see her. She’s fit right in and she’s happy.

Lexi, my 4 year old will start Pre-K Monday, she’s a little nervous I think, I’ll see how she is when we get there, I’m only going to send her three days a week. In Nigeria she went everyday, but Wed and Fri she had half days.

Well, I went ahead and ordered the KnitPicks Options and can’t wait for them to come in. I’ll let you know how I like them.

:cheering: You’ll love them! I’m excited to try a larger project like a shawl or sweater with the set. However, I first have to complete all my orphan projects that are causing me much guilt!

My KnitPick Options arrived today!!! :cheering: :cheering: :happydance: :happydance: They look and feel wonderful, I can’t wait to start using them. I just started the KnitPicks Chunky Cable Purse and I think I’m going to frog it and use the Options.

nooooooooo don’t frog it just to use the options. just knit on to them on the next round. yeesh! :shock:

I only knit two rows and I don’t like the way it’s looking, I think I started knitting it to loose so I was thinking of frogging it anyway, now I really have a reason to. he he he

oh well that’s different then…lol. i was envisioning you frogging a half done purse just to use the options…:thud: