Knit Picks Interchangables

Do they have smaller cable lengths for the knit picks? The smallest size I am seeing is 24", I would really like 20" and 16", any suggestions???

The 24" is the shortest; the cables are so flexible that people use the longer ones in Magic Loop so don’t need shorter ones. However, they do have 16" in the fixed circulars,

oh ok, I guess I need to learn magic loop now, good thing I’m always up for a challenge.

It’s really not hard at all! I learned it this month for socks and I loooooooooove it. I was not happy at the prospect of doing socks on dpn’s because there are so many rounds to go through. Magic loop makes it easy, and even easier to do 2 at a time!

I ordered 16" for doing hats, but you wind up doing ML anyway to finish the decreases for the tops, so doing the whole thing in ML is not problem at all.

You can also use 2 circs for small diameter stuff. Works just as well and some prefer it to ML. I’m ok with both techniques and don’t really have a preference.