Knit Picks has new yarn

I can’t wait to try the CotLin - sounds like a great [color=violet][size=6]Florida [/size][/color]yarn !!!

The perfect marriage of cool, lightweight Tanguis cotton and natural linen for summer and spa knits
DK weight - machine washable

$2.49 / ball
Material: 70% Tanguis Cotton, 30% Linen
Amount: 123 yards/50 gram ball

Bare - Merino Wool/Silk Fingering Weight
Soft wool with a generous helping of silk in your custom colors.
Fingering weight - hand wash

$6.59 / hank

Cotton and Linen blend…now THAT sounds positively delicious. I’m off to check it out. Pray that it doesn’t end up in my shopping cart :teehee:


:cheering: I know not to even go look… but I wanna… :rofl:

You’re there right now, aren’t you? :teehee:

You’re there right now, aren’t you? :teehee:[/quote]


:rofl: :rofl:

What’s Tanguis cotton? :??

Oh wow!

I need this yarn. Now do I get linen or island coral, and what should it be…