Knit Picks fall sock sampler w/ patterns

Anybody else have this? I was trying to make the October socks for my sister’s birthday, but they’re making me feel inept so I frogged them and am making something easier. Those are definitely not easy patterns! I’m not a sock newbie, but I’ve not knitted a whole pile of them yet.

Really? Good to know - I’ve been eyeing up those package deals.

What’s the name of the sock you gave up on? I’m curious to see if I can find any FOs of it at ravelry, just to see what it looks like.

Sorry you’re having problems with the patterns, that can be annoying as I know all too well.

Do you like the yarn? I was talking to a woman [I]outside[/I] my LYS who said the LYS didn’t have any sock yarn that was better than the KnitPicks.

I do like the yarn. I’ve liked all the yarn I’ve gotten there though I have never had the $$ or motivation to buy really high-end yarn. There aren’t any yarn stores near me. But I’ve been really happy with all the yarn I’ve ordered from them.

The name of the pattern is Falling Leaves. Trying to post a pic: