Knit Picks Essential

I have 1 skein (231 yards) of Knit Picks Essential yarn, a fingering weight. Intended to make socks, but remembered in time that making socks is more trouble than its worth. Any ideas on something fun to do with one skein of fingering weight yarn? Thought about a preemie hat, but have not seen a pattern for this weight yarn. All suggestions gratefully accepted, even if not acted upon. Thanks.

ohh the Purl Beretit only calls for one skein of sock yarn… You could also do a fingerless gloves…or thisstyle of glove…hereis a little preemie hat…you could also do bootees :thumbsup:

Thanks much. It amazes me that the beret takes only 150 yards of yarn. Maybe I can get that and the preemie hat, too.