Knit Picks e-mails

For the last few months, if I place an order through Knit Picks I don’t get emails anymore. No order confirmation email, no shipping emails. I can check my order myself on the site, but…nothing from them directly. Is this happening to anyone else? I don’t have any filtering on my email so it’s not like they go to a “spam” filter or anything. Just curious.

I never get confirmation emails from them. I placed an order the other day and I just got an email saying it has shipped. I would contact knitpicks and maybe they could help you.

I got both a confirmation and order has been shipped e-mail from them. Maybe because it was my first purchase from them? Strange…

I get emails from them when I order fromn them. I get a confirmation of purchase and a shipped email with every order I have made from them.

I’ve gotten e-mails both for comfirmation and shipped status on all purchases.

Strange things happen out there in internet land.

I just placed an order this morning and got a confirmation email just a few mins after i placed it and then this afternoon, i got an email saying its been shipped!
Same day shipping is a good thing when you want your stuff NOW!!! :woohoo:

I’ve always gotten confirmation and ‘package mailed’ emails from them. As someone else said, you might want to call them, they’re very nice.

I always get a confirmation of my order and a notice when it ships. Knitwitts on the other hand…

I got the order conf. email within probably seconds of paying. I chose the free/longer shipping so I’m not expecting an email saying it was shipped for awhile. :slight_smile: