Knit Picks DPN Set

I don’t know if this has been posted but I just saw that Knit Picks now has a set of DPNs. Pretty cool.

That’s great but I wish they had the set in larger sizes.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

:drooling: NO!!! Must not buy more knitting things!!!


Not fair!!!

Yeah, me too.

SA-WEEET price! Time to order more from KP! Thanks for the heads up!

I think I remember someone pointing out that it was cheaper to buy them individually and the plastic carrying case ended up being $9? $12? Okay, I don’t remember. But just something to note, if you think it’s worth it or not.

oh no! I am so weak! Love their dpns!!

I think that may be for the regular options. You actually save about $2.95 for the dpns.

Ooohhh…I would buy these. I use 8" DPNs and am constantly moving them around so they arent poking at me. These shorter ones may be perfect for me! :thinking:

Awwww… I bought all those a month ago!
They are just a smidge too long to fit in the 2-per-page thingy in the options binder. The case would have been nice to have.
One day, when I’m rich, I will buy them :mrgreen:

I wish they were not metal. I prefer bamboo or wooden dpns.:rollseyes:

I just ordered them… I love calling KP, their staff is so nice and helpful…
I will let you all know how they are when I get them. I had them delivered to work (there are a few more sock yarns and a book in the package) so that DH doesn’t know. The woman at KP said that she had a customer have about $700 worth of stuff sent to her neighbor so her DH didn’t know :roflhard:

DANGIT! They said they would keep that a secret. :doh::noway:


I have these… they’re NIIICE… :smiley: But you DO need point protectors while you’re stepping away from your project… :smiley:

I caved and bought them. I have a couple sets now and I love them. I am excited that they have all the small metric sizes.

Oh and mine are being delivered to work too! :teehee:

i would like to get these someday, but i’ve never actually tried KP’s needles. are they really good? and about the DPNs, would there be a problem with stitches sliding off if you’re a tight knitter?