Knit Picks Customer Service

I have called Knit Picks on occasion to order various yarns, and each time I’ve called, I’ve ended up with someone who sounds as if they have screw drivers under their nails while soaking them in tobasco sauce. They are just so pained to answer the phone.

I just got off of the phone with KP and it’s the same thing this time as well.

Am I the only one having this “lucky” experience?

one was so rude to me, i actually asked to speak to someone else. she hung up on me while “transferring me” so i called back and just asked to speak to the supervisor, who was very nice. :shrug: i never ask to speak to someone else. ill take a little attitude, because i assume working customer service is a drag, but this woman was actually mocking my accent and sighing in such an exasperated manner that i was hurt!

I’m so sorry for your experience. I’m pretty thick-skinned, and realize that most people don’t have a great time dealing with customers, but I have a rule to never allow people I’m buying from to treat me poorly.

I could easily order online, but I had questions…now I’m questioning whether or not I want to buy anything else from them :shrug:

Sorrie that you went thru tough times with them…i never had issue with them and i bought alot of stuff from them… hope u had better luck with them next time…maybe that person got a bad day… though it not right for her to be nasty to u…

i know that lots of people have had great experiences with them. i love some of their yarns so much and their options are so utterly fabulous, that i’ll let one poor experience slide. the supervisor was very nice.

My experience with KP has always been extremely positive – it sounds like they must have unwittingly hired a bad apple recently. Rather than boycott the whole company based on one rude employee, maybe you could let the supervisor know what’s going on.

Just to put my mind at ease, I called back, asked for a supervisor. I recounted the incident. The woman who assisted me this time was so apologetic; she completely changed my mind.

However, I confess that there was probably not much (after I cooled off) that would keep me from buying Options. I find that my Denise’s are a little too slow for me now.

:muah: Thank you all for letting me vent.

OOOH - makes me mad!!!

I work in customer services and I’m quite highly trained due to somewhere I worked previously being a bit of a stickler for it.
In my current team It does so bother me when people are rude just for the sake of it on the phones. I’ve done several CS and CSSales jobs and I have never been rude to anyone.

I’m glad you called back and had a more positive experience with the supervisor. It only takes one moldy mushroom to put you off the box!

Some facts that miss rudey-snooty at KP Might wanna know:

 On average it takes 12 positive experiences to overcome one positive 

 A customer with a negative experience is more likely to tell people   
 about it that a customer with a positive experience.

I recite this to people who give me 'Tude when I call companies :roflhard:

I had a bad experience with KP customer service, too. I had ordered yarn online, but had entered the wrong 3-digit number from the back of the card, which I didn’t realize at the time (there were 2 three-digit numbers - why is that?). So…three days later my order has not been shipped and I see that it has been cancelled. So I call customer service, and tell them the correct 3-digit number.

Another three days pass, and I see that my order has not gone through. I call back, and they tell me my card has been declined. I ask do they have the right number? And she says the right number is in the system, and I should call the credit card company.

So I call the credit card company (Discover, which has wonderful customer service), and they say there’s nothing wrong with my card. So I call back, and they lady (it’s been the same lady each time) tells me that she’ll try to run it through again, but it probably won’t work. She has been somewhat short with me the entire time.

So two days later I call back and they say it was declined again. I call Discover, and the customer service rep there gives a number Knitpicks can call directly to see that my card is valid.

So…after almost two weeks of wrangling, finally someone who knew what was going on calls me and says that their system doesn’t accept manual changes to the three-digit code field, which is why it kept getting denied. So I finally got my order, yet not a word of apology or “sorry it took two weeks of you calling to finally get your order”. Whatever.

So…I will never call in an order to Knitpicks, and I’ll always check that 3-digit code to make sure it’s right!!

(Sorry for the rant, I’ve been holding onto this for a while - I was pregnant at the time and I didn’t get the yarn I needed to finish my baby’s project in time for his birth.)

How frustrating! I hate for someone to be let go, but it sounds like they’ve got a problem employee who should probably be in an area other than customer service.

I really appreciate it when a company tells me the actual reason for the problems I experienced, drives me nuts when I politely ask what the problem is and all I get is a ‘very sorry’.
I am overseas and not really even a great customer to Knitpicks as I don’t have a U.S. mailing address, just tried to buy a couple of pdf. patterns, but I was happily surprised by the great support I got when I had problems. But that was online support via e-mail.