Knit Picks Catalog

When I had called Knit Picks back in January (actually, I think it was the last week of December) for an order correction, I requested to be put on their mailing list. I asked her when I could expect to see the catalog, and she said that it wouldn’t mail for a couple of months, but she would be sure my name is on the list.

Has anybody already on their list gotten a recent catalog? I am really looking forward to receiving it as I love their yarn and I find browsing on the website cumbersome.


It usually is a couple of months between issues, and I haven’t gotten mine yet, so I guess we wait…

I got one about 2 weeks ago

The last one I received was the holiday issue.

I received the March catalog today.


Ooooh…hopefully I’ll get it soon! :cheering:

I got mine a week or 2 ago :slight_smile:

I just got the new one yesterday.

I got one yesterday, but left it at work. I’ll be happy to tellyou what’s in it tomorrow if you like.