Knit picks cable

I was wondering on the 32 inch cables they want to stay curled. what would be the best way to get the curls out of them?

Knit Picks cables…? The purple ones? Mine don’t, they lay flat, they single loop, magic loop, whatever I need them to do.

eta- Okay, I think I know what you mean, mine just did that when my knitting got large enough to go from ML to regular in the round. Just let go of one needle and let the cord untwist, they’ll be straight then.

Yes, if the cable is really long they do that simply because they have nowhere to go. Doing as Sue says will minimize this. Or use a shorter cable.

Well then it might be I’m trying to use to long of cable for only 32 stitches, so I’ll just switch back to the 24". thanks for the response

I use the 32" on smaller things, just let go of one needle, push the sts up close to the other and let the loose one untwist, then spread the sts out again and continue knitting.

I use 24" cables for just about everything. I’m knitting two TV blankies for my granddaughters right now…and they are both on 24" cables.

Yes, as others commented, if you are using a 32" cable when a 24" would suffice…the excessive cable will curl around aimlessly, and it’s very annoying! I agree with you on that!

As far as “true curl” on a cable, as others have stated…dipping the cables into hot hot hot water for a few seconds will remove that curl.

I had to dip my Addi cables into boiling water just the other day. They were ‘fixed circs’…not the new blue cable…and boy! were they ever stubborn! But not after their hot water bath!

I drape the cable around the back of my neck, and my own body heat straightens it out. I can go about watching tv, knitting another project, doing chores, etc. while it uncurls. Sometimes you have to shift it one way to the other a bit to where it still may be a bit curly, but it works and doesn’t take long! :wink:

thanks everyone for the advice :grphug: