Knit Picks Andean Silk Yarn

I just ordered some of this, as I feel it is time for me to move away from acrylic and cotton yarns and try something more luxurious. I am thinking of making a scarf and matching hat for my husband with this yarn (or maybe a hat for me). Do you think it is good for a winter hat, or a man’s scarf? It has alapaca, silk, and wool I believe.

Is there anything I need to know about this yarn before choosing patterns? I am considering the Irish Hiking Scarf and a simple rolled brim hat (is that too feminine?). I am a little nervous about working with these fibers, but with knit picks prices I am willing to take the leap to yummier yarns.

I’ve never used that yarn, but from the fiber content, it sounds like it would be nice and toasty! Silk is really warm, although you wouldn’t think so, and of course with the wool and alpaca, it will be really nice. :slight_smile:

Here’s a nice hat pattern that I used to make my hubby a hat, and he really liked it.

i lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve this yarn. One of my favs. It’s warm, a little pill-y, but not overly so. Very very very soft. If you felt with it, it will turn out very soft and flexible, not stiff and hard like the KP WOTA, or cascade.

Thank you both for your input. Marria, the link timed out on me. Is there something wrong with that page? I can’t wait to get my yarn, it was shipped out yesterday.

That’s strange because now it’s not working for me either…:think:

Here’s another pattern for a hat that’s very similar:

I just made a head band of that yarn…it looks so nice…but it itches my head…

Maybe it would be better if it wasnt on my head! smiles

I made myself a pair of gloves using it. I love the gloves they feel very soft and luxurious. They do pill some and I wouldn’t use them for skiing as I got a little felting hiking with ski poles. I would definitely use the yarn again.

Thank you for posting that hat. It will be perfect. I’m still waiting for the yarn, but when i start a project I work obsessively until it is finished so I am not worried. I hope it isn’t too itchy for him.