Knit Picks Ambrosia

This is the yarn for the Dimple Shale scarf I have started x

Pretty, pretty! How do you like the yarn? I’ve been thinking of ordering some.

Lovely. I just love those colours and the scarf is looking fantastic :slight_smile:

Beautiful! I like that you show this web site in the picture, afterall it’s as necessary as the yarn and needles!

Hi kbagel
I would recommend this yarn to everyone…It’s a dream to knit with and ohhh sooo soft…I am definately buying more. I am going to use the lilac to do another scarf and mittens x


That is such a pretty yarn! I love the pattern, too!

ohh very pretty and I love the colors…I’ve been thinking about trying that too :happydance:

So nice! I love the colour and the pattern!

Those arelovely colours, and a wonderful scarf! Big question: how’d you get KnitPicks? Is there a store somewhere that will send it to the UK? I’ve been dying to try some of their yarns but can’t seem to find them anywhere

Hiya Laptop_knitter,
I think that they are exclusively an online store. I haven’t ever seen any of their yarn for sale in any stores. But you can check out and see if they do ship to the UK here: .

The scarf is turning out absolutely gorgeous! These colours are lovely.

That is so pretty, I love the colors!

Very nice!!

Beautiful colors, and a lovely pattern! Nice work. I’ll have to try the yarn.

Absolutely gorgeous!!


My knitting buddy over in Kansas ordered it for me and sent it over…Don’t think they ship over here!

That color is great!