Knit pick purchase

I am going to buy the set–now what extras do you recommend. I want to knit a 60" scarf lengthwise–which cable should I get, 40-47-0r-60". Is the 15 and 17 needle used very often? Will I need the matching 9.99 knit counter-chart thingy? I want to order today and start knitting!! I saw a potato chip scarf that looked so cute and it is knit lengthwise, too I think.

I guess it depends on your finances. The scarf could easily be knit on the 36" cable. When I ordered, I just went ahead on got all the extras. I knew I would eventually want all the extras, just to have a complete set, and I figured I was getting free shipping, anyway. If I waited to order a couple of cables and tips, I would then have to pay additional shipping. That was my rationale.
Oh, and I have the magnetic chart thing, too. It is helpful to keep track of where you are, but many people here say they have made their own.

I have the 60" cable and i don’t like it. It’s just too much to work with.
I like the 40" one. I lent my size 17 needles and 40" cable to a friend and she knit an afghan on it so you should definitely be able to knit a scarf lengthwise on the 40" cable. the 40" cable works well for magic loop too.

I don’t know how often i’ll use the size 15 and 17 needles, but i got them anyway. I’ve use my size 13 ones a lot though because i made a bunch of pairs of felted clogs.

Thanks, guys, I’ll get the 40" cable.

Just remember that a 40 inch cable is not really 40" It is only 31 inches long. :??

The 40" measurement refers to the total length of the circ when the needle tips are attached.

get the needle size gauge…it’s definitely useful. And it has a little ruler thing on it to measure gauge swatches.