Knit Pattern Modification

I have a purchased pattern for a shawl that I would prefer to make as a scarf. It would require skills I don’t have to modify the pattern and create a scarf I envision. Does anyone know if there are people who provide this type of service? Thanks.

Can you link to the pattern please? Don’t post the whole pattern here. It helps if we can at least see a picture. I don’t know of anyone who would do that for you, but we might be able to help a bit with more info.

Good idea. I bought the pattern at the link below. If it were a basic rectangular shawl I could probably manage the modification myself by just making the center portion much narrower and using the floral motif borders and corners as is.

Pretty! So you want to do a rectangle like a traditional scarf?

Yes. Traditional long and narrow scarf with the field of black and white alternating rows and the deep red accent rows at either end and the border motifs as shown on all sides with a corner motif to wrap around the corner to meet the next border. It would be gorgeous.

It would be very pretty for sure. I doubt you’ll find anyone who wants to rewrite the pattern though. Writing patterns is hard work to get it all worded correctly and then have testers to make sure it’s correct. Maybe simplify your idea and apply the design.

The diamond section is probably done with fair isle then the color part is done separately on each diamond. It would be fairly easy to do the diamond section on the long sides, but to do the ends as well might be more complicated. You’d have to add them at the end by picking up stitches or do intarsia. Or I guess you can do the center stripes and then pick up ALL the stitches and do it in the round making mitered corners.

Jan’s right about the border pattern construction. The designer’s comment is:

The border is made of a grey diamond pattern on white bottom, which is knitted stranded. Afterwards, the flowers in different colours are embroidered to add the colour.

Other than a short band of garter stitch, it looks like the entire shawl is stockinette stitch. You’ll have issues with curling when you make it a scarf. I guess they block the dickens out of it to make it lie flat as a shawl, but the problem will be exacerbated when it’s a longer, thinner piece of fabric.

What if you reversed it–took the border and made it the center, with a non-curling stitch pattern at the edges? You could make a gauge swatch, calculate how long you want the scarf to be, and knit the whole thing lengthwise on a long cable needle. Then you could do the black, red, and white stripes in garter stitch, like this photo here:
You’d knit the diamond band exactly as the pattern calls for it, just with more repeats and with a white garter stitch border–say, four stitches wide or so–at each end. Then you’d repeat the black and white garter stitch stripes, and bind off, then go back and embroider the star/flower motif onto the diamonds. I’d use black for the cast-on and bind-off rows, since white edges tend to pick up dirt, and since I hate weaving in ends, I’d cut fringe from all my colors and just knot the yarn ends into the fringe.

Beware, though; scarves knit lengthwise can surprise you when they stretch more than your gauge swatch did. :laughing: I ended up cutting a scarf in half a couple of years ago, unraveling the cut ends into fringe, and gifting two identical scarves.

The other issue with making it into a scarf is seeing the back. In a shawl, you don’t really see the wrong side when wearing it, but scarves tend to twist. It’s a matter of preference if you want a scarf to be double-sided or not, but just be aware that can happen.

I’d be more confident about using the embroidered diamond pattern on a hat, mittens, sweater, or something else that does well with a field of stockinette stitch and doesn’t show the wrong side when worn. Take a look at the enlarged photo–this would work for a lot of different projects!

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Yep, that’s true, too. The back won’t be pretty, but it often isn’t with stripes and fair isle. And stockinette curls like crazy. Even with “non curling” border it may still curl a bit because it’s the nature of stockinette. Now one thing you could do is knit it in the round and just put the diamonds on each end or throughout off and on. All the ends and floats would be inside the tube.

I’m not trying to discourage you, but I want you to go into a large project like this knowing the situation. IF you were to ask me what I’d do…it would be knit it in the round even though it’s technically double the knitting, but it’s easier and prettier on both sides.


I almost missed these replies; thank you both very much. It appears that I am in way over my head with the original pattern. That said, I think the idea of making a center panel with surface embroidered diamond and flower motifs is very doable. Would the black, white and occasional red stipes be the border pattern Ouisi mentions? I can envision that but only if done lengthwise so the stripes are long, the length of the scarf, and not short horizontal stripes.

I decided to follow the pattern as written rather than modify it. After all I loved it when I saw it so why change it. I have found out that all the yarn is available except for the white yarn that has the palettes so I’ll use plain white yarn, same brand and type as the red and black.