Knit panel afghan help?!

Hi, semi-new to knitting, VERY new to the forums. I’ve crocheted for the past year and decided to try knitting because it uses less yarn and is easier on the hands.

Well, there’s a technique I’m trying to find, but don’t know the name? You take one panel of your afghan, and instead of knitting another and sewing them together, you basically knit the new section attached to the old section? I don’t know how to explain better than that. :think:

ie: cast on 20, knit 200 rows, bind off. one panel done.
instead of repeating this 50 times with different colors, is there a way to knit the new panel directly into the old one by going into one of the corners and doing something and casting on as many as you need, then knitting until the last stitch and slip stitching to the first panel? I read about it somewhere, but for the life of me, I cannot remember the name! Thank you so much in advance!!

I found it! Join as you go method. Thread closed!

:yay: :yay:

Feels good to track it down, doesn’t it? Be sure to ask any questions you have…even if you do find the answer yourself before we can help!