Knit Out

If any of you are in the area, you might like to attend:

I live in Podunk Baton Rouge.

I’ll bet there are a lot of folks on here that can attend one of them, though. It’s great that you posted that!


Wish I could go. But I’m in Oregon. Don’t suppose everyone would be willing to move here just so that the knit out could be held here?

Oooh! Oregon is a beautiful place! Add knitting, and I’m there! Maybe we can all rent one huge U-haul for the big move!!

Wish there was a Knit-Out where I live. :frowning: I live in NE Ohio.

I wonder if they will have the Knit Out in NYC this year? For some reason the didn’t hold it in New York this year…:sad:

Hi! Can you tell me what Sit N’ Knit NY is?

Hi there and welcome!

It’s a knitting group that I belong to. They meet in several locations in NYC on a regular basis. Although I haven’t been to a meetup in nearly a year because I’m a teacher. I teach all day and then teach after school a couple days a week. So I definitely can’t make the weekday meetups. They do have weekend meetups but most of the time I already have weekend plans.

Anyway here is a link if you are interested in joining. The founder’s name is Anne-Marie and she is nice. Anyone is welcome to join. Good luck!

None in washington either :frowning:

I haven’t heard of anything in Oregon for this year. There will be a large beading show in March in Portland, but no yarn, which is too bad, I’d much rather go for yarn than for beads.

It may not be as big or have as many perks (and certainly no celebrities) but when I’ve been in an area without a Knit Out… I’ve thrown one. Get some knitters together, find a venue and have at it!

Yeah, that’s the problem with knit outs, they don’t go to enough places in the U.S.
Just thot I’d mention it, anyways

Sounds like a lot of work, and expense, what do you do to spread the word locally?
Rent a billboard, mail flyers, what?
Where do you hold it? My house is too small for anyone but me, hubby, and chihuahua.
How do you pay for a knit out?

ha ha I can relate! Giant afghan of doom is about how it feels.
Coming to that huge blanket, every day, is overwhelming to me.
What colors are you using on your afghan of doom, or,
are you talking about this kind of afghan:

I prefer Chihuahuas:

I notify local knitting groups I know of, post a couple of fliers and typically we meet somewhere public. It’s not so hard, actually. If only a few show, well, that’s just how it goes sometimes. I dunno. It’s all for fun. :slight_smile:

We want to move back to Oregon SO badly but the housing market here is horrible and we can’t sell our house. It is the one thing holding us back. We can’t afford to rent it as we wouldn’t have the capital for moving and buying a house in Oregon. We are still slapping ourselves for not selling in those first months after Hurricane Ivan when housing prices were very good and we were one of the lucky ones with an unscathed house.

We’ll get there eventually!