Knit or purl?

Hi. I’m making a bear and have got a little confused with the pattern. It’s been pretty straight forward and all in st st so far. It then goes as follows.

Row 42 p
Shape head
Row 43 k
Row 44 Inc 1st each end and following alt row
Row 47 Inc 1 st at beg row
Row 48 Inc 1st at end of row

So, my question is, do I still continue in st st? Are row 45 and 47 purl? Many thanks!!!

Can you tell if the photo of the finished bear looks like stockinette? Can you give us a name for the pattern or a link to a photo?
If it is stockinette then the even rows may be purl and the odd rows knit making 45 and 47 knit rows.

The pattern is from a book called The knitted Teddy bear by Sandra Polley. I had a look online and if you google search Bertie and Bruce a picture of the bear does appear.

It says at the start- Work in st st throughout, start each piece with a k row unless otherwise stated.

I’m still stuck though, it seems odd to increase on the purls!

Can you post a pattern name and link if possible?

Without seeing the pattern I can’t say for sure, but I would think the head would be the same as the body. So yes, 45 and 47 are probably purl rows.

You want to continue with the stockinette pattern. It’s not unusual to have to increase on a purl row especially for a toy.

@salmonmac I didn’t see that it was mentioned! Ooops!

Ok, I will have to look up how to do a purl increase!

Thank you for the help.