Knit or purl on the right side of stockinette?

back again with another question about a mistake i think i made… haha

i was knitting stockinette stitch and i’d done

a row of knit (dec 8 stitches evenly throughout)
a row of purl

i’d repeated that 5 times successfully (for me quite an achievement!)

then on the 6th time, i put down my knitting either after a knitted decreasing row or after the purl row… i can not remember which. i have MARKED that i stopped after a knitted row… but i have a nagging feeling i purled a row after that and put it down before marking the pattern.

my work is ready for me to do a row on the RIGHT side… if that is the case… does that mean i just finished a purl row or a knit row? and how do you know/tell?


If the V sides are facing you, that’s a knit row, so you just finished a purl row.

that’s what i thought!

so i DIDN’T mark that i had finished another row…

bad me!!

thank you!

This is a good time to learn what a knit side looks like as opposed to a purl side so you don’t have to be so dependent on marking the rows as you finish them. I think you’re most of the way there already…