knit or crochet patterns st gauge and row questions

Hi :grinning:I was wondering if a person who is getting st gauge and not getting the row gauge at all trying different things :disappointed_relieved:and not getting it for making slippers or shawls or sweaters could a person make more rows without messing up the st gauge and the increases or dicreases in the pattern?Either in crocheting or knitting :thinking:I would think that it is possible? I just want to know if it’s possible?what do you guys think?did you guys ever do that?

Stitch gauge is more important than row gauge. So far I’m not aware of exceptions. Usually you can work more or fewer rows or rounds to accommodate different row gauge. I like patterns that say to work so many inches instead of so many rows. For a shawl or something where fit isn’t crucial I make it bigger if I want, I like big shawls anyhow.