Knit One Purl Two

Has anyone seen this show… It’s new here (in Toledo). I don’t think that DIY could have made a worse knitting show if the actually tried. :fingerwag:

I can’t understand the host (with her strong French accent), the guests on the show say that they “have been knitting for many years”, but they can’t even Cast-On or Purl, the camera angles are horrable, and the projects are pathetic.

…ICK :crying: ICK :crying: ICK :crying: …

Thank goodness DIY has Knitty Gritty .

I have tried to find it to tape & I couldnt…even with the search tool on my DVR…Now I dont feel so bad!

Stop looking… Poor Howie would run & hide under the bed if he had to watch it!

I saw it on the diy website but I couldn’t find it either so I thought they took it off the air but forgot to take it off the website :lol:

I saw it once a couple of months ago…haven’t seen it on DIY since. I didn’t like it at all…Would much rather watch Knitty Gritty! :smiley:

I saw one episode… the one with um… whatsername… Deanna Troy from Star Trek TNG. The fact that she was a knitter was the most interesting thing of the show.

That was the 1st knitting show that I saw on DIY, then, thankfully KNITTY GRITTY :smiley: began!!! And…the 300 series (3rd season) begins next week :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: !!

Her name is Marina Sirtis. :wink:

Yeah, I’m not so pleased with this show. Edith is very hard to understand to me, glad I’m not the only one.

I think the stuff the knitters “had no idea” about is all canned, badly I might add.

This show doesn’t hold a candle to KG whatsoever!!!

And for such a high-end shop, why does it look like a dump?!?

Ooh! This recorded on my TiVo right after Knitty Gritty (which I really like a lot), and I immediately cancelled all future recording of Knit One Purl Two.

The one I had seen, the french lady was criticizing a girl for knitting backwards, but from what I can tell (I’m a beginner, but I’ve watched most of the videos on this site) she was doing the continental knitting method, yet they told her she was knitting wrong.

I just did not like it. I’ll stick with the quirky Knitty Gritty show.

I went to diy and saw that now they have times for the shows so decided to do another search since it had been at the beginning of my knitting that I tried to look for it well it is now showing in the afternoons at 3:30 LOL and as they say curiosity killed the cat so I will be watching to see :rollseyes:

Ok I watched it two days and now its not showing up again when I do a search for it LOL…

The angles were horrible I couldn’t see what she was doing kept saying moveeee your thumb!! LOL I thought it was hectic too with everyone talking at once although I liked seeing what celebs knit that was the best part… Saw an actress from Will and Grace and Tracy Gold… LOL