Knit One Below

Anyone tried the Knit One Below patterns?
I have a question. When working the pattern are you suppose to Knit the K1B stitches from the previous row and do the K1B into the knit stitches from the row previously worked.
Just trying to be sure I am doing this right.
Thank you

I just got the book and I have been playing with the different combination of stitches but I have not tried an actual pattern yet.
You put your left needle into the stitch below the one you would be knitting if you are doing a regular knit stitch…knit that and when you take it off the needle, the stitch you would have knitted slips off, too. [COLOR=darkred] [B]Clear as mud ?[/B][/COLOR]

I am currently working on a reversible vest that uses the K1b stitch. I got the pattern from the Knitters Magazine Winter 2008 issue. So far, I really enjoy doing this stitch.

There’s a video in the Glossary section under k-b. That may help.

I am making a scarf right now and once I got the hang of it, it is really very easy to do. Yes you just knit in the stitch below the one on the needle, pull it off just like a regular knit stitch and the one on the needle along with it. that stitch then just falls behind the k1b stitch. As you start doing this it all makes sense and it is easy to see what you are supposed to do.