Knit one below help!


I’m doing the pattern “Green Sleeves” in the book [I]Wrap Style[/I] and I can’t seem to get a hang of the stitch. It’s called honeycomb stitch, and the way I follow the pattern, it gives me an oversized garter stitch, not the honeycomb.

I’ve looked at how to knit one below but I only get info for stockingette stitch, not garter.

So, I’m stuck. Can anyone help?



Can you write out the pattern row, or link to the pattern?

Thanks :slight_smile: I figured it out :slight_smile:

yeah it seems I haven’t figured it out in the end… it still looks like a giant garter stitch.

The instructions are:

CO 50, purl all stitches.
(row 2)K1, k in the row below to last 2 stitches, k2
(row 3)K2, k in the row below, k1
(row 4)Repeat
(row 1) like row 2
(row 2) repeat
etc… until 60 inches long.

It’s supposed to look like a sideways square almost, but I only get garter stitch, and it is very frustrating.

It should look something like ribbing on both sides. The st you knit in R2 becomes the k1b stitch on row 3. I usually start by knitting all sts in row 1, but it should look the same either way. It also takes about 6 or 8 rows for it to look right too.

Did you look at the video for knit in the st below? It’s here (english link, there’s a continental one too), and there’s a tutorial with pictures at this site.

I’ve knitted something like 20-30 rows twice and it still gives me some kind of garter stitch, while it’s supposed to look like little diamonds. You can look up the pattern on Ravelry and see what it’s supposed to look like… it’s in the book Wrap Style, and it’s called Green Sleeves.

This project has some good pictures of the stitch. It looks like sort of a honeycomb stitch. Did you try pulling the cast on edge down from the needles? Sometimes it needs to be stretched out. Without a picture of your work, it’s hard to say what the problem is, if you’re doing the stitch right.

Is the pattern written for rows or rounds? I am totally capable of mixing up reading row verses rnd in a pattern. Then again I am still a very new knitter…

What she posted above says Row 2, Row 3, so it’s knit flat.

suzeeq, yes I’ve seen the pictures, and my stitches look nothing like this. I’ll do a few rows when I have time and take a picture - right now the ball has been completely rewinded.

I’ve tried pulling on the stitches, but it still gives me kind of a dropped garter stitch. I’ve tried with smaller needles and smaller yarn, still the same. I’ve tried knitting two rows below, and it’s not it at all.

No you don’t want to knit 2 rows below. BTW, you’re doing the k1below on every other stitch aren’t you? If you do it in every stitch, that will come out looking more like garter. I asked for a piture because saying it doesn’t look like it should, or it’s like garter stitch doesn’t help us actually see what you might be doing wrong.

I follow the instructions and do it every other stitch, but it still looks like garter. It might be the yarn, but I might also be doing something wrong. Anyway as soon as I have time to knit a few rows I’ll post a picture of it.

Make sure you have the correct number of sts too. If you’re off one more or less, it won’t come out right either.

I love puzzles and so decided to make a dishcloth with the honeycomb stitch. Here’s a picture of the WS of the cloth with a k1b stitch being made. Notice that (on WS rows) there are 2 purl bumps under the sts that are knit below. (On RS rows, there is only 1 purl bump under the sts that are knit below.)

Hope this helps.