Knit on round

Making skirt on the round: I started my first row after casting on. half way around my needles are growing apart. what have I done? I’m a fairly good to advanced beginner but this has never happened to me!? It is my first time knitting on the round, but I haven’t even gone around once yet. my needles will have several feet between them by then! should I just start over?

hmm… Can you take a picture to show us what is happening? The only thing I can think that would cause it while you are actually knitting is that you have more stitches than you initially started with and that you are increasing somehow?? :??

I wish I could attach a photo but it won’t take it. I definitely haven’t increased its my first row. thanks anyway.

Mary, your pics have to be under 256kb, and I think someone said also 50x500 pixels or smaller- that’s probably why it’s not taking yours.


Judging from your description, I think your needles are a bit too long for the number of stitches you have. If that’s not it, can you post a picture?

500 pixels on the longest side and under 256 kb for attached images. Similar size for embedded image also.