Knit 'n Surf

Well I’ve heard of people knitting while surfing the internet so I thought I’d give it a go. I have my Irish Hiking Scarf (see my blog for details) and have done one repeat of the 8 row pattern.

Of course, I realised most people who knit and surf are using dial ups that take ages to download. And I have broadband. So here’s what it’s like.

Knit a stitch. Click. Knit a stitch. Click. Click. Knit a stitch. Type. Click. Knit a stitch. And so on…

So I think I’ll leave the knitting for while I’m watching tv!

Egeria, that’s a beautiful scarf and blanket! Have you been knitting forever? I’m getting ready to buy yarn for a vest for my husband. I sure hope it works out.


Nice scarf Egeria! That’s funny about your knit, click, knit, click. I know I’ve had that experience, trying to knit while doing something like that, but I can’t remember what it was. Yes, you have to get a good 5 stitches in, for it to be worthwhile! LOL!

Thanks guys!! I’ve been knitting the baby blanket since the beginning of January. It’s so complicated that I only pick it up when I have time to concentrate and can complete at least one repeat of the 16 row pattern.

The scarf is turning out great and is already 35in long! It’s a really fast knit so I’m pleased with the result!

Good luck with your vest Jouf! Remember to post pictures!

Amy, maybe you were playing a game?! Anyway, when I knit I like to fall into a rhythm as it is so relaxing. When I’m on the internet it just keeps getting interrupted!

Will be taking my scarf to work today however to knit at lunchtime. It’s great 'cos when my bosses come up to me (why do they think I will work at lunchtime?!) I can always say no 'cos my hands are full!

this is much like knitting with children: knit a row “mommy!” knit another row [from the other direction this time:] “mommy!” knit a few rows, get to intricate part of pattern [in unison] “MOMMY!”

the real trick is doing all this while surfing the web!

amigarabita how do you do it?! I could not concentrate if I had kids calling me and the internet running (have you got the tv on in the background as well?!!) How old are your kids? Will they be started school soon :wink:

The girls at work loved my scarf, and I also got a comment off one of the Directors! Said it was great to see someone knitting as he hadn’t seen it in a long time. Apparantly his mother knit for him. Anyway, I’m pleased that people are liking the scarf!

On a sadder note, a hat I knit for my husband (which I never got a pick of) is now lying somewhere in the Irish Sea. (Brings a whole new meaing to the subject…Knit 'n Surf eh?!) At work today a gust of wind blew off his hard hat…and the hat he was wearing underneath. So, I’ll have to knit another one! It’s done on DPN’s so it won’t be too long at any rate. Just another excuse to go to the shop!

sounds so roan inish -your handknit hat flying out to sea. it’ll turn up generations later on a silkie!

they are both in school, but i work -so that re-levels the playing field. they are 6 and 9 and are both knitting now too so quite often i can get them to craft along with me. it can be a good time for us all together. no tv for them so, they had to find something else to do…!

anyway, sorry for the hijak of your thread. the scarf is just gorgeous!


Yay, you’ve got an avatar now! I like it when people get avatars. For some reason, I almost always remember the posts of people with avatars, but have a harder time remembering who posted what otherwise. ???Don’t know why! It’s kind of funny. I guess I have a visual memory.

What is that picture of? It’s kind of fun, and yet, kind of scary! LOL.

Amy :slight_smile:

It’s the bunny from hell or… Chucky Bunny!!!

it is kind of scary! but cute

How do i get my own Avatar? I do not see any choices on here.

At the top of the screen under you will see Profile. Go in there and you can put one in by various methods.