Knit 'N Style - Mitten Techniques

I know someone posted about this before, but I can’t find it. (My searches on this website never give me good results. Is it me or has something changed since everything was switched over? I have to do a lot of online research for my job, so don’t wound my ego too much by telling me it’s me!)

I bought the February 2008 issue of Knit 'N Style specifically for the article [I]Mitten Techniques[/I]. I LOVE doing mittens, and so I was really excited to read this article. Unfortunately, it’s part 2 of ???. Part 1 was in the December 2007 issue, which I don’t have. Whoever has it, did you find the article useful? I’m wondering if I should try to order a back issue from the company or if it’s not even worth it it.

Oh my! Was that the one that everyone was complaining about awhile back–because they bought the Nov. issue and it only had half the mitten pattern! Nobody even mentioned the reverse situation, that you now find yourself in!

No solutions, but what a pain!

hi my name is sheryl and i do not have that issue but i wanted to see if anyone had a pattern for mittens that is quick and simple i am a fairly new knitter so i want to start out slow i know how to do socks fairly well and love to make socks but would like to learn to knit mittens in the winter there are a lot of people who need than and they have to be cheap to make to donate for the homless if any one has a couple of patterns that fit this please me know i am new at these forums so have patients with my technic thanks sheryl:wink:

Check out . They have several simple mitten patterns.

And welcome to the forum!:happydance:

Sheryl, here is a friendly pattern: Bulky Kids’ Mittens


Hi Sheryl I have this generic pattern for mittens called"forepaw socks" it lets you use any yarn and any size hand. try this address or hope this helps

just checked the long address and it no longer exists. sorry

FOUND IT ! search “forepaw socks”