Knit Longies

Dunno if this is a “How To” question…more just a request for clarification. Knitting some longies to go over cloth diapers and the pattern calls for a 1.5" waistband, then an increase round for the hips and then…

“K until front measures 3 inches”

My questions is, the waistband should be included in those 3 inches, right?? The way it’s worded I can’t tell but just using logic, I’m thinking yes…it counts the waistband.

Yes, sounds like it includes the waistband. See what the final measurement for the front is and see if that would make sense on the baby if you can. Can you link to the patten?

Can’t link because it’s a paper pattern I got from a “pattern a day” calendar thingy. LOL! Counting the waistband seems to be the right move though. Just making sure. Thank you so much!

At first blush I’d also say, yes, it includes the waistband. You might find a similar pattern for free at ravelry that you could compare to if you wanted more to go on than it looks like it’s right. Just a thought. FWIW or not.