Knit Life

I noticed the new banner, but when I tried to click on it, it wouldn’t open. Anyone else have this problem or is it my computer?

Norway reporting: No problem, surfing in there in this moment!

I just tried typing it in directly and it’s in Korean!! :thinking: Probably just as well. I’m on a no-yarn-buying spree. :frowning:

I am getting it just fine as well. You are right though Ingy If you are trying not to buy yarns… you do not want to go there. I am :drooling: :drooling: right now. :rofling:

Looks like someone “up there” is looking out for me! :wink:

I got it through the link finally but I got the Korean site when I tried directly too…its not :slight_smile:

I still get refused, so it must be my security setting. I was just concerned that Amy had this new advertiser and it wasn’t working. I certainly don’t need more temptation!

I can’t get in either. :??

Working okie dokie pour moi! :wink:

I got in OK. Oh dear, don’t let me spend $ now :doh:

I had to turn off my popup blocker.