Knit Lace & Leaves Leisure Arts-Leaf Bonnet

I’m knitting the leaf bonnet and i run into a problem with Row 13. I have 57 sts at row 12. Then, it says:

[B]Row 13: (increase, P13) 4 times, K1: 61 sts.[/B]

I end up with the right amount of stitches (61 sts) but instead of K1 at the end of the row I have 5 sts to knit.

I searched everywhere to see if someone had a problem with this row or am I just going crazy!! Please help. :?? :??

Yes, sometimes these numbers can drive you crazy. Since the difference is 4 sts extra, I suspect that the probelm is in the kind of increase you did. The pattern may say somewhere which kind of increase they want and it should be an increase similar to a knit front and back (kfb). If you used an increase which increases [I]between[/I] sts then you’ll have leftover sts. The kfb uses up a stitch to do the increase. It’s shown in the video here

Oh yeah, that’s odd alright. Because it looks like only 53 st are involved in the writing of Line 13: specifically…you’re doing the P13 [B]4 times[/B] (which totals 52 st), then a single K1. That’s a total of 53 stitches mentioned in line 13 directions) No wonder you have 5 stitches left instead of 1 for the K1.

I follow your problem.

Are you [B]sure[/B] that your 57 stitch count at the end of Line 12 is correct?

Lastly, can you supply a link to the pattern so we can read it along with you? I’m not familiar with the pattern.

Mods and Members, do you have additional comments and help for us?

Edit to add: while I was typing my post salmonac was, too, at the very same time!

We don’t mean to confuse you.

[B]I’m certain salmonac has the problem identified![/B] Try her remedy!

Oh. Salmonmac, you’re right!
The increase I did was between sts because I thought all type of increases are the same. Was I wrong! The pattern asks for kfb.
Another question, can I use kfb on the purl row?

You can do purl f&b (pfb) which looks like this

Good luck with the bonnet!

ArtLady1981, yes. I have the right # of sts (57) for row 12.
So, it should be 57 + 4 (increases) = 61. I’ll try SalmonMac’s suggestion. Thanks!
The link is below:

That’s a sweet bonnet. I’m glad you got it figured out.