Knit Kitty Bed

Any ideas on making the sides sturdier? Pkstoll had a question (here it is!!!) about doubling the yarn… I haven’t made one, has anyone else?

I was thinking of making a kitty bed after the first of the year (after the clogs, booga, and sweater) and thought I would felt it using a double strand of WOTA and make it taller than most, but when I block it after felting roll or fold the top down to make the sides sturdier. I have a 20+ lb cat that this thing will need to survive. I figure two strand felted and doubled over itself would be good.

My sides are higher also, I planned on folding down also, but I planned that because i was going to do a quilted pad inside for easier washing and I thought I could tuck this under the flap. I am going to double my yarn also, since my hats are double and are super at keeping their shape this way.

I folded my sides in half too. Worked great.

The other thing I’ve done with my kitty pi bed is actually to put it inside a box, and fold it over the edges, so it acts as a liner for a square box. My cat LOVES boxes, and will often choose to lie in them instead of in her kitty pi bed, so this was my sneaky solution to give her the best of all worlds. :wink: