Knit It! magazine (USA)

I’m an intermediate knitter and just bought the spring '07 issue of Knit It! magazine. First time I’ve looked at it, but it seems to have a good mix of patterns, tips and product news, so I’m thinking of subscribing to it. Before I shell out my hard-earned cash, I’d appreciate knowing about anyone’s experience with this mag. Have you ever found errors in the patterns or encountered confusing instructions in any issues? Any other suggestions are welcome, too.

BTW, this site is recommended in the Knitting bazaar section on p. 10! :cheering:


My brother has just been over to America and brought this back for me (along with Interweave Knits!) :cheering: :cheering: I’ve just read through and thought it was good but it’s the first time I’ve had it so I’ve no advice for you, sorry!