Knit into the stitch below?

I’m trying to make this baby hat. It has a link to instructions for the stitch I’m having trouble with, “knit into the stitch below”, but I’m not clear on one detail.

This is not an increase, just a decorative stitch. So if I knit into the stitch below, what happens to the live loop on the left needle that I would’ve knit into if it were a normal knit stitch? Do I just drop that behind the decorative stitch and let it unravel down to the new stitch?

I feel like I’m making this way too hard, but I can’t get it through my head how it’s supposed to work. :think:

Thanks so much!

You just knit into the center of the knit stitch in the row right under the needle and when you finish that stitch you slide the loop on the needle that is just above it off at the same time.

Thanks so much!! The pattern is coming out very cute!

Yep, just drop it and it makes a loose fluffy stitch that’s warm and soft.