Knit into the front & back

Is there another name for this increase that Amy has a video of? I am working a S&B pattern and it call for this. I don’t get it. (I KNOW it is simple… but I can’t wrap my mind around it)

I think I’ve heard it called a bar increase.

Just knit as usual into the front of the st, don’t slide it off.
Then put your needle around to the back and insert it from r to l into the back loop, wrap your yarn, and slide it all off. You’ll have 2 instead of 1.

Thank Ingrid :smiley:

she has the video listed as Knit into F&B too…it is about half way down on the abbreviations page on the left hand side.

:doh: Yep I see it now! Listed as “bar increase” I just failed to read the fine print.