Knit into next stitch help

I’m a beginner and have done a few basic patterns, I want to do a baby bonnet pattern I found and the pattern starts with- P3,k1,p1 then knit 1 into the next stitch- I have no idea what this means??

Welcome to KH!
Can you give us a pattern link or a pattern name? Then we can be of more help.
My first thought is that it’s p3, k1, p1, then k1p1 into the next stitch. The k1p1 into the next stitch would be an increase.
It’s similar to the first part of this video.

Only do the p1, k1 into the stitch however, then drop the stitch off the left hand needle.

This is the pattern, I have googled it and watched a few videos but they all seem very different and none are written in the same way as this one, thanks for your help

It’s a darling hat but a very knitter-unfriendly pattern.
Yes, a p1k1 into the next stitch.
Thanks for the link.

Thanks again for your help