Knit into front & back of each stitch - how?

I am knitting the little kelly girl doll dress that I think I found here. For the first row of the waist, it says to “knit into the front and back of each stitch”.
What does this mean and how do I do it?? It seems that if it is the waist, maybe this should be some sort of decrease. But then again these little dolls don’t have a figure like their big sister Barbies.
Thanks a ton!

Go up to the New Videos tab. Select Increases. There’s a video of the kfb there.

There’s also a video in the Glossary section listed as “K1 F&B”.

Where is this?

The tabs at the top of this page. Allll the way up. Put your mouse over View Videos (not New Videos) and there are tabs below it, choose Increases and go down to kfb.

You knit a stitch, but leave it on your needle, and knit again into the back leg of it.

It’s actually an increase. You’re making two stitches where there was only one. Does the dress have a full skirt that starts at that point? The increases add the extra width.