Knit into front and Back?

What??? I am new to this and cant seem to find anything that will tell me how to do this. Can someone help?
Angie in MO

There is a video on this site that shows how to do it.
It’s the 5th increase down. KFB.

Funny I should come across this question right now as I am working on a pattern that calls for this type of increase. I will be doing a video tutorial on it in the next few days and posting it on my site. If you can wait that long, perhaps it will help. I am better at showing with my hands than typing an explanation!


The video Plantgoddess mentioned shows how to do it.

It is an increase, creating two stitches from one.
You begin to knit the stitch as normal, by pulling yarn though the front leg of a stitch. Instead of slipping the stitch off your left needle as you normally would at this point, you then go and knit into the back leg of the same stitch, creating a second loop on your right needle. Then you can slip the worked stitch off your left needle.