Knit into back loop

Hi I’m fairly new to knitting. I’m trying to make a scarf from a redheart free pattern.
I’m confused on the first row where they say to" k1 (K into back loop and front loop of next st,)" Do they want me to knit 1 and then on the next stitch knit into back loop and front loop. Also how would I go about knitting into the back loop then front. I’ve only seen were you knit in the front and then the back. Any help would be great. Thanks!:thumbsup:

I think so, knit the first st, then do an inc in the next one by knitting into the back loop first, then into the front loop. There’s a video on the Glossary page under ktbl that’ll get you started, then just move the needle to the front loop. you could probably just do a standard kfb and it wouldn’t be noticeable.

Thank you I think I got it now.:knitting: