Knit in the round, instead?

I found this lovely sweater pattern online. It’s a pullover that looks like it’s knit in the round but when I brought the pattern up, I found that it isn’t.
My question is: Can I do it in the round and what will I have to change on the pattern to do that?
The sweater is done in Noro yarns and called Kirara… not sure of any of this info but that is what I see on the pattern. I’m sorry I can’t give an address to it. I don’t have it any more… but I think, if you look up Noro and use Kirara, you should be able to find it.
I’d appreciate it so much. I really love the look of this sweater and especially the top part as it goes in circles around the neck and onto the arms… love that look very much.
Thank you,
TEMA :knitting: :thumbsup:

Hi Tema. What a stunning looking sweater.
Yes, you can knit the lower part of the sweater in the round. Do your gauge swatch in the round to make sure you get gauge and cast on sts for front and back together. It’s a loose fit so you need not account for the seam sts if you don’t want to. When you get to shaping the armholes, bind off 8sts on either side of the circle. When you’ve knit the sleeves, they’ll be joined to the body on the next row and the pattern then proceeds in the round as written.

Once again you worked your magic and found the pattern. I looked and found nothing!

Question: Is this what’s called a circular yoke sweater?

Yes, indeed, this is a circular yoke sweater. You knit the front and back to the armholes, knit the sleeves and then join all the pieces and finish the upper body and neck in the round.

Thanks, salmonmac. I’ve wanted to try doing one so maybe my daughter or granddaughter will get a sweater by this pattern. I’m sure making one for myself would not be a great idea. I’d never manage a fit I could live with.

TEMA - Thanks for asking so salmonmac found the link to the pattern. I’d been looking for one to try out and now I have it!!! :happydance:

Thank you for your reply, Salmonmac… you make it sound such an easy thing to do that I know I can knit it in the round, which is my favourite way of knitting… :slight_smile: I will do what you say…

Glad I could help, GrumpyGramma! I think it is a wonderful pattern especially now that I know I can knit it in the round. So many different design elements to make this one unique, even if you are doing the same one over and over…kind of like the log cabin pattern in quilting… :slight_smile:

I just used this method for faking side seams on a baby sweater and will use it when I make bigger ones. Easy and gives some of the benefits of seams but still lets us work in the round.

this is a GREAT video. i like jessica and the howcast videos anyway, but didn’t know about this one. i’m wondering, if anybody’s already tried this technique, does it also help prevent in-the-round items from bias-ing the wrong way after washing? it seems like it would, since it acts as a stop-gap in the flow of the fabric.

I think Jan mentioned doing fake seams this way but I’ve not been able to find her post again in my blog thread (no way!) and found that video. I just used it on a little bitty sweater and I think I can tell already that it’s helping make it look just a little better, nicer shape. Now I’ll do the front bands and shawl collar then the sleeves, weave in ends and voila! baby sweater to go.

Odd that the bottom is knit in pieces. I’d think it would be easier to knit in the round all the way and the self-striping yarn wouldn’t have those wide bands on the bottom (and hard to match, at that.) Every time I can do something in one piece, I do.

Same here, it seems much more practical to me. Side seams to provide some advantaged but that can be faked.