Knit in the Park *Maritimes*

Hey all Maritimers,

My employer CRICKET COVE is throwing a “Knit in the Park” gathering on Saturday 07/15/06 in our beautiful King’s Square. All proceeds go to our local women & childrens shelter…one of those feel good causes :heart: .

Any project that is started but cannot be completed can be dropped into our shop & we will deliver so long as it’s brought in by October…any other handknits you have that you’d like to donate would be greatly appreciated as well.

See you in the park!


That is such a lovely idea! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Yes, it truly is a good idea. Gets everyone together, share knowledge, and lend a helping hand to mums & kiddo’s that could use alittle handmade with love.


Thanks for posting!

The City Market Website has it listed for Saturday the 15th. I assume you’ve given the correct date, since it’s your employer, but I just thought I’d double check. I’m not from there, but if the weather’s nice, I might go visit a friend in Saint John and stop in the square for a bit of knitting, and maybe try to teach my friend to knit too!

Wow, I didn’t know anyone else around here was from SJ! I was just at Cricket Cove the other weekend (I live in Hampton during the summer). My aunt wanted to go to this but didn’t have anyone to go with so I might show up with her if we can figure out dates and everything. I’ve only been knitting for about a month, though, so I won’t have anything to donate. =/

As an aside, is Cricket Cove the ONLY place left in Saint John to buy good yarn/needles (like 16" circulars)?

YES>>IM IN ST. JOHN! It’s sooo great to see another person from here, yes, Cricket Cove really is a unique place to purchase yarns, etc…I LOVE IT.

Oh, you dont need to have anything to donate on the day of the knit-in…if you want to start a project you can drop it in the mail to us or have someone you know bring it into the market so long as it’s before Oct!!!


PS: Babydill, Again thanks for checking & letting me know about my typo…sheesh. :wink:


Well we had afew turn out today…but the weather was sooo hot! My yarn was sticking to my fingers…but we had some donations which will be great & I’ll continue on with my hat…

We are going to plan one for early fall…I think alot of folks put up their needles for summer.

Anyways, I’ll keep you Maritimers posted…& be sure i’ll keep the date straight…

WOW>>one more sleep & then we are off to Toronto…YIIPEEE

Rhy :wink: