Knit in Public (KIP)

SO I just went to my son’s piano lesson. I usually sit in the car or something but this time we brought his friend who has violin lesson at the same time so they sorta had a playdate too. Anyway, I waited in the hallway and all kinds of people passed by watching me knit. Little kids were in awe (“what’s that mummy?”) some women asked “socks or mittens?” and a few folks just ignored me.

But then this very short round woman came up to me smiling. She watched for a minute then she came over and stood right next me, looking over my shoulder. Then she started touching the yarn and then she picked up another project I had in my bag on the table next to me. She was commenting the whole time how beautiful, how hard this must be blah blah blah and toucing my stuff. Now she had a really strong accent and I missed some of what she said. I think maybe she was from Isreal (I know there is a kid from Isreal at this school, sometimes I see her with her grandfather. This was probably her grnadmother). So she was really sweet, a nice round happy grandma and all BUT SHE WAS TOUCHING MY STUFF!!! I was so tense that even afer she left and I was relaxe a little, I got from my chair to go and my but hurt from tensing. :shock:

So does this happen to anyone else? THe standing too close, the touching, the feeling like you are public property? Now I’m usually an outgoing person and I would consider myself a little touchy feely even but touching my yarn is a whole nother level of some kind of social disease I got. Discuss.

LOL Well I haven’t knit in public yet and I’m pretty shy and like to blend into the woodwork so… I don’t like people who get into my personal space either. W/O being rude I’m not sure there’s anything you can do. Maybe just keep your stuff well within the bag so it can’t be viewed by anyone unless you pull it out to show them might help some.

I knit all the time at meetings and such, they’re used to it there, and if I have a nice yarn I invite touching. I’ve knit while visiting in the hospital, but I usually the nurse comes in and tells me she crochets. Like I care. :rofling: One time I was in the ER waiting room and two Chinese women approached. One looked at the Fair Isle I was knitting and said “Pretty color.” The older woman with her looked at the inside and nodded her approval. I don’t think she spoke English, but I think she knew knitting.

So I can’t say I’ve had people invade my space too much, but I have had students grab the end of something I’m knitting to look at it. I get a little panicky then, because I really don’t want to have to kill them for pulling my yarn off the needles. I’d be tempted too, though. :wink:

LOL, that’s like people feeling as if they can just rub your belly when u r pregnant!!

I thought it was part of the knitters’ code that touching is allowed?? Im ALL ABOUT the touching of the yarn…Im hoping to INSPIRE new knitters!

I knit at Dyl’s tae kwon do lessons twice a week. the other parents always ask me questions, and watch me. very rarely does someone touch without my consent. luckily I haven’t knitted any light colored or delicate stuff in public that would show grubby hand prints and stuff like that. I refrain from touching other knitters’ stuff unless they want me to.

:rollseyes: I didn’t have this much when I was pregnant with my son but my daughter ugh… You can’t be rude but at the same time everyone is not asking just rubbing your belly or patting it and your like hey I don’t know you… and then they ask are you having twins :shock: NO!! I’m not really big on hugs except my kids, dh, etc… my personal space is very important to me so it would bother me… not sure what you can do though… dh says my reaction says it but some don’t catch on…

Got a story for you… When I was about 4 months preggers with baby Sophia (I tend to get a belly fairly fast so it was noticable) This woman comes up and rubs my stomache and says so when are you do? I say"I’m not pregnant." Poor woman looked like she wanted to crawl in a hole. :roflhard: :roflhard:
(long story behind my rudeness but hubby is telling me to move the baby so he can sleep :slight_smile: )

R O F L Sandra that is the BEST!! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I most KIP at work and several others have at one time or another so i’m fairly comfy with being some sort of monkey in a cage as far as that goes. But, do they think we are in some sort of “cone of silence” :?
What I don’t get is why some people will stare and then talk to each other about what you’re doing as if you’re not even there!

which leads me to describe these two schmendricks that were at BnN tonight. The were wandering the aisles and came upon the craft section and were snickering like little kids about the SnB book… “Dude, get that book for your girlfriend, it says b!tch on it!” The were college aged and obviously being dorks. I suppose they wondered how many comments it would take before I would look up from the bookshelf give them a look :rollseyes: I ain’t my mom yet, so let 'em be dorks. :lol:

[color=blueviolet]This happens to me all of the time. For example, last Friday I went to a disability banquet/awards ceremony and I was working on the DW cloth. So many people came up to me and started talking about my knitting and touching the cloth. I mean come on I was clearly knitting and they were grabbing at it like I wasn’t even working on it. It usually doesn’t bother me because I usually know the people but everyone who came up to me that night were strangers. It freaked me out because I have brittle bones and I have issues about crowds and the possibility of getting hurt. I don’t let it stop me from going to places I know will be crowded but I do have those issues. My mom said she bought a me an Amaretto Sour just to relax me. She really wanted to give me medication. On the brightside. I did get some orders for dishcloths and cellphone socks.[/color]

Cellophane socks? :shock: Sounds like a sweatfest! :roflhard:

It took me a long time to KIP. I’ve crocheted for eons, so my knitting looks a little… okay! A LOT!.. wonky. I knit continental, but I don’t really hold my left needle, I kinda rest it in my lap or against my stomach depending on the needle length. I’ve CIPd for as long as I can remember, but I can’t recall anyone ever being so rude as to grab it and fondle it. I’ve always gotten questions about what I was “knitting” ARGH!!! “I’m CROCHETING a whatever”… yes, little pet peeve there. I knit quite a bit at work, and now I get comments like “whatcha crocheting now?” :doh:

Thinking about it… the only people I can ever remember fondling my stuff are the craft dept. manager at work when I’m showing her something, and my LYS owner when I brought in some WIPs to show her… that’s allowed then!!!

Folks are usually pretty polite when I knit/crochet in public, but I have been having problems with people who like to touch my hair. I have dreadlocks and people have taken to just reaching out and touching them. The latest culprit was a little boy who was behind me in line - but I cut him some slack when I heard him tell his mom “They’re really soft, like my teddy bear”

I don’t really knit in public. You could consider knitting at a gas station in your car KIP, then I guess I was. All the old women looked at me and pointed and walked slower than turtles while talking about me :rollseyes: I sooo should have busted out my knitting needles in the hospital whenever my sister got her toncils out :roflhard:

The only time I ever remembered someone touching my work was whenever I started to crochet, and I was still working on my first prodject(a pot holder for my mom on mothers day), and I took it to school to show my one friend, and she grabs it right out of my hand in the front lobby, and she starts running around with it, I grab her and say, “What are you DOING?!!?” She goes, "I’m just showing off your work! :lol: "

People need to learn to keep there fingers off of things… :mad:

Whenever I KIP I get the most bizarre comments. Strangers come up to me, watch for a while and then ask me to make something for them! :shock: Excuse me, do I know you?

Little kids are the worst “space invaders” - they want to “try it” or touch it or pet it or pull out balls of yarn and go “Whee!”. I guard my knitting bag now for this very reason!

I guess we should take this as complimentary but… “can I try to knit a row?” Please!


I KIP in the car, at church while Lonnie is practicing before service, mostly at the doc’s office since I’m there all of the time…last month a gentleman told me that my ‘Cross stitching’ was lovely :lol: I said thank you and smiled…he was very nice :wink:

This is WHY I don’t knit in public that much. People just stair and stair… and then whenever you think that they don’t notice anymore, its like BAM they are hoovering over you as if they are just standing there. :shock:

Ohhh how I hate that… People are ignorant now a days… and too invade-in-your-own-private-space’y…

Why don’t we just tell them how to knit just to get them out of our hair? :wink:

:roflhard: :roflhard: This thread is cracking me up!!! I can just picture the look of controlled panic on your face as the lady touched your stuff!! I’ ve been KIP at the YMCA during my DS’s swim lesson. Because of the wet area, I have the yarn safely ensconsed in a zip lock with just the working thread coming out. Truth be told, I’ ve wished someone would come up and ask me about my knitting – always looking for a good knitting conversation :smiley:


I was on the bus coming from the ship and while knitting,this woman and her hubby and another lady gave a play by play commentary as if i wasnt there or i was not real. I was changing colors and i decided i didnt like the color after a row so i was frogging and the lady behind me says to her husband well she screwed that row up, i didnt turn around but my mind was saying, now how the *(%%$ do you know what i am doing? I know it wasnt nice but our bus broke down and we sat for over 4 hours and I was sick and it was thanksgiving and I wasnt in the mood, good thing she didnt say anything more. I dont suddenly become deaf and mute once a needle is in my hands…well maybe I do sometimes.