Knit in pattern?

Sorry I had a hard time figuring out how to word the title

How do you knit in patterns? Say I’m making a sweater and I want to knit autumn leaves in it. Is there somewhere that will learn me how to do this? (I’m a very new knitter also so I need it in lamen terms please!!!)

It’s very difficult to just ‘knit in patterns’ on your own. I suppose more experienced knitters can make up a pattern, incorporating different stitch patterns. There are, however, lots of patterns already written out there that have all kinds of designs built in. One place to start is for free patterns from all over the web.

There are also hundreds of pattern books and booklets out there, too.

If you find a sweater pattern you’d like to add something to, there are books that have stitch design patterns you can add, also.

Ingrid you are awsome! I’m off to look and see what I can find!

Thanks so much!

Once you find something, if you need help, then don’t hesitate to ask!