Knit Hobo Bag pattern needed

I was looking at the KnitScene previews online, and the only thing that even remotely appealed to me is the hobo bag… here’s a pic :

The original URL is :

Anyhow, I hate the buy the whole gosh darn issue just for this one pattern, especially if I don’t know for sure whether I can substitute a yarn I like and such.

I was just wondering if anyone knew of OTHER knit hobo bag patterns that are available?

And, how do you think a knit hobo bag would work? Hobo bags are supposed to be kinda loose and freeform anyways, so the lack of shape shouldn’t be an issue, I wouldn’t think. How do you think they’d hold up?

I like that bag! Have you checked here?
there is a hobo bag listed but it is NOTHING like the one you want . Maybe this one?

Oooh, I just love that monk bag!

Man, it looks boring to knit though. One huge piece of seed stitch after another… don’t know if I’ve got that in me.

I fear the monk bag might be a little TOO big for a knit bag too, KWIM?