Knit hat

I’m a little nervous showing all of you this hat as I’m a fairly new knitter so please be kind. My son wanted me to make him a hat in his college colors. This is the first time I’ve ever knitted stripes. It is knitted from Lions brand wool.

Note: I removed the smiley face that was in my original post because themore I looked at it, it looked like it was sticking it’s tongue out instead of smiling. hee hee

Update: I gave my son his hat and he loves it! That makes me feel so good. Thanks to everyone who commented - that also makes me feel good! :slight_smile:

Nothing to be nervous about ! The hat looks fantastic :slight_smile:

You did a great job! Nothing at all to be nervous about :cheering: :cheering:

It looks fantastic!!!:yay: :thumbsup:

It looks great. Keep up the good work.

I think it looks fantastic. My first project did not look nearly as good as that. :clink:

What an awesome hat!! GREAT job!!!

your hat looks great. nothing at all to worry about, only kind people on this forum.
Bet your son is pleased as punch.

You did a great job!!

I think it’s a beautiful hat! :thumbsup:

Don’t be afraid to share here. We are always kind! If people aren’t kind they may get the boot. :hug:

It’s a mighty fine hat:cheering:You did a excellent job:woohoo:

You did a fabulous job, it looks great! :thumbsup:

It looks really good,I’m sure he’ll love wearing it.

Wow. That is just incredible. I’m so nervous about trying striping for the first time!

You will have a stream of kids from his school on the doorstep wanting to part of the ‘in crowd’ with a hat this nice!

No need to be nervous. It’s a great hat. I like the color. :thumbsup:

It looks beautiful!! Congrats on finishing your first striped project!

I think it looks great, certainly much better than my first project!


Awesome hat!!! :smiley:

That looks fantastic! You did a great job on the stripes and I think he’ll love it and be very proud to wear it. :woohoo: