Knit hat with ear holes for dog

Hi all,
After knitting a brioche pattern hat for a friend, she asked if I could make her a matching one with ear holes for her chihuahua. I don’t know how to adapt the pattern with ear holes for a dog, so I’ve looked online. I see very few patterns for dog hats with ear holes. The pattern doesn’t have to be brioche, I’m sure she’d be happy if it was simply the same colors as the one I made for her (purple and black). But I’m just not seeing any patterns with clear instructions that looks like it would be cute! It also doesn’t have to be a free pattern, but if I’m going to pay, I want to be sure it’s going to give me the result I want and will have clear, easy-to-follow instructions. Any suggestions? Thank you!

There’s a designer in ravelry with a bunch of chihuahua hats. Perhaps there is something there that is suitable or could be easily adapted? They do have ear holes and as they are sized for the same breed as your friend wants I would imagine they would fit okay.
Some of the design which are character or themed such as Xmas or skull or pumpkin, could probably just be made in the same yarn colours and minus the character detailing.

Hope you find what you need.

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What a bonanza of dog hats! If I had a dog, I have 4 cats, he/she would be wearing one of those hats.

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Oh there are cat hats too! (Although how you get a cat to accept a hat is a question for a totally different forum :joy:) :scream_cat:


Ask Thing 1 and Thing 2! I read that they know about cats in hats. :smiley:



If you were able to find a brioche dog hat, you could estimate the placement of large buttonholes and do that for where the ears would pop out.