Knit hat questions

Hi.:grinning: i was wondering if a person really has to do these things in knitting a hat. :disappointed_relieved:the first is does a person have to by something called negative ease like adding 2 inches extra?can a person not do that and still make a hat?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
The last one is does a person have to do measure the length of a chain plus 2 rows and make sure it equals the head circumference?
What does equals mean?
What do you guys think?does a person have to know or do these things for making a hat?

Negative ease means you would take the measurement around your head and subtract 1-2 inches. This is done so the hat hugs the head and doesn’t slip around when you turn your head. So inconvenient.
Of course you can ignore this and still make a hat. It may not fit you or the intended recipient correctly but it’ll still be a hat.

The second question sounds like a crochet question and so I’ll leave that for the experts.

Yeah, I’m not sure what you need a chain for? Are you following a pattern? In worsted weight yarn I usually find that casting on 80 for a basic stockinette hat will fit most people.

Assuming your last question is a crochet question I don’t actually understand! When I’ve crocheted a hat I start at the top and crochet down and just tried it on as I went along. I’d usually start off with a magic ring so you can pull the hole tight. If I was starting on chains I’d probably only do about 4,slip stitch together and then crochet into the centre.

I knit hats for cancer wards a lot and often use 80-88 sts. Some I make smaller. Any number divisible by 4 if you have K2P2 at the bottom. Mine are all done in the round so when I’m finished, I’m done. No seam.

Also, if you know for whom the hat’s being made, measure that part of the head.

I made some for good friends recently and he wanted mid ear level while she wanted below the ear. Good things to know.