Knit grafiti

So I’m the knitting guru for my local Stitch n Bitch. We’ve been plotting revolution by making knit grafiti. Here is one of my first attempts. I’m thinking of calling femiKnitFiti and putting little tags on them to direct folks to feminist websites. It’s my little contribution at raising awareness.

Awesome! I love it! :cheering:

Have you seen this website before?
I think knit grafiti is the best kind of grafiti :slight_smile:

knittaplease! those hooligans in htown are the best. i wish i still lived there bc i would so do a hazing to be a part of their gang.

feministmama, :muah: i think ill do my part here in kansas city. thanks for the inspiration

Maybe you should knit that statue a pair of underwear! :oops:

I’ve had some folks suggest that to me.:roflhard:

that’s a BRILLIANT idea! :sun: we could make the revolution worldwide! hmm… :figureditout:

The scarf is beautiful, Femmy! What a great way to spread a positive message!

Great scarf!! Awful sculpture :ick:. You’ve definitely made an improvement there. To bad you can’t put your knitfiti on something more deserving.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja :knitting:

:cheering::cheering:Love it!!!

I’ve got my eye on a huge Teddy Roosevelt in the Park Blocks here in Portland. There’s also umbrella man that is very popular but I don’t think it will stay there too long. Then there’s the statue in that poster “expose yourself to art” which is Portland. Hmmm… I’ve got to investigate the statues in Portland. :think:

AWESOME!!! what would you do with the umbrella man… (willie warmer?)

thanks for that link, orangey!

Well the umbrella man could use a hat or a scarf-in that area if your creation disappered it would probably still go to good use.
What about the Beverly Cleary Kids in Grant Park? Ramona and Henry might need mittens and the dog might need a coat- just a thought. Beverly Cleary was a great author for children-I’m sure there has to be a feminist connection in her career.

There a is famous ballerina statue in my town- I might have to make her something…

I was thinking the same thing!

Femi- I love your knitfiti! That statue looks much better now! What yarn did you use?

In Norfolk they have these awful Mermaid statues. I am thinking I might make something for one, for the next time I am over there.

Here’s umbrella man

People are always messin with this Elk. Maybe I’ll give it a try. Here’s a funky old picture of it

THen there’s this Joan of Arc statue that looks promising

Or maybe one of these

Oh yeah I almost forgot. Hmm… feminist link. teaching young girls to be strong?

I think umbrella man needs wrist warmers! Joan of Arc would look lovely with something knitted :??but what?